How to Work With Windows in the Kitchen

How to Work With Windows in the Kitchen

Your windows have untapped potential in the kitchen. So much time is spent decorating cabinets and countertops to boost the appeal of the room, but the windows often get neglected. They are not just a way to improve the lighting and ventilation in a room; they can also add aesthetic appeal. Madison Products, the premier window contractor, shares some ways to do that:

How to Work With Windows in the Kitchen

Incorporate the Steel Window Look

Steel windows add drama to any room, especially in the kitchen. If you have light-colored cabinets, you can create an interesting contrast by choosing black steel for your windows and vice versa. That said, if steel-framed windows are not possible, painting your existing mullions can help achieve a similar visual effect.

Use it to Frame a Focal Point

Multiple windows in the kitchen bring in ample amounts of natural lighting. Make the most of this feature by allowing your windows to frame out an element in the kitchen that you want to highlight, like the hood. By framing this with windows, it becomes part of the whole wall instead of a separate component, creating a more powerful visual effect. Choose double hung windows and industrial-inspired shelving to further improve its appeal in modern kitchens.

Install Decorated Windows

Decorating the window itself is also a great way to improve your kitchen’s beauty. This approach works well for single windows that you want to add visual interest to but doesn’t have much versatility due to orientation. When designing your replacement windows, improve their appearance by choosing bold, bright colors, beautiful hardware, and interesting grille patterns.

For more creative kitchen solutions, turn to Madison Products. We can offer you a wide range of window styles, from sliding to casement windows. With our help, you can easily find a unit fit for your home. Interested in working with us for replacement? Call us today at (218) 865-4577. We’ll start with a free quote. We serve Gilbert, Virginia, Mountain Iron, and nearby MN areas.