Preparing for Your Window Replacement

Preparing for Your Window Replacement

Your windows will eventually show signs of wear and tear regardless of how durable they are. To maintain their beauty and efficiency, be sure to replace them as soon as possible. Maximize this investment and ensure the smooth, delay-free progress of your project by turning to Madison Products, the premier window contractor.

Preparing for Your Window Replacement

Aside from hiring a reputable company, it’s important to prepare for the replacement properly. Here are some things you can do:

Remove Any Window Treatments

If there are any shades or blinds on the windows to be replaced, remove them, and store them in an area far from the construction site. This gives us easy access to your windows, and it ensures that they won’t be damaged in the process. Make sure you keep glass ornaments and decorations away from your windows as well.

Clear the Way

As a reputable window company, we’ll take extra measures to ensure the safety of your belongings. That said, you can help speed up the process by moving furnishings like sofas and lamps away from the windows to give our installation team enough space to operate. You should also take breakables and frames off the shelves and walls. We may need to use ladders if the window to be replaced is on the second story, so we recommend clearing any overgrown bushes that may be in the way.

Keep Children and Pets Away

Small children and pets can get in the way of our construction team. For their safety and our team’s as well, we advise making arrangements that keep them away from the construction site during the replacement. You can take them to the park or leave them with relatives for a while.

With these simple preparations on your installation day, you can help make the entire replacement process smoother and easier. Turn to Madison Products for quality replacement windows. We have a wide selection of window styles in a diverse range of colors and textures. We serve Gilbert, Eveleth, and the surrounding MN areas. Schedule your window replacement with us by calling (218) 865-4577. We’ll offer you a free quote.