Windows That Help Preserve Your Home’s Architectural Style

Windows That Help Preserve Your Home’s Architectural Style

Homes are usually constructed with a certain architectural style in mind. While some homeowners prefer a modern and industrial look, others opt for a more traditional style. Houses that have been around for a long time may soon need replacement windows, but this doesn’t mean ruining the structure’s original architectural appeal. Madison Products, the local windows expert, shares the window styles that can help you achieve this:

Home Architectural Style

Casement Windows

This window style opens outward, making it an excellent choice for rooms that need ample amounts of ventilation such as the kitchen, the bathroom, and the basement. When closed, casement windows effectively keep the harsh elements out while providing great natural lighting. Additionally, this window style fits most architectural homes. This means that you can invest in casement windows without worrying about the overall design of your home.

Madison Products can provide you with quality casement windows. Choose from our range of beautiful colors and finishes to create a window that complements your home and reflects your personality. Our specially trained team can ensure a flawless installation for peak performance and longevity.

Double Hung Windows

Traditional homes would greatly benefit from double hung windows paired with floor-length curtains. That said, their fully operable sashes make this window style good for modern homes. While double hung windows are great with traditional homes, they are far from outdated. Our windows feature durable vinyl frames and energy-efficient glass that boost your home’s energy efficiency and overall value.

Whether you prefer casement or double hung windows, turn to Madison Products for flawless installation. After all, proper installation is key to a window’s performance. We serve communities in Gilbert, Virginia, Mountain Iron, and the surrounding areas in MN. To learn more about our home improvement services, call us at (218) 865-4577. We’ll even offer you a free quote.